GK Architects - The Story



years of experience

GK Architects is an architectural company established in May 2008 with a goal of integrating master planning, landscaping, architecture and interior design into a single comprehensive product. The company was established by Gabriel Kon Su Ye as the Principal and he brings over a decade of experience not only in Singapore but internationally. The company was started with an objective of offering full-service planning and architectural services. Through the foresight of Gabriel Kon Su Ye hinging on years of experience in the industry, the company has grown by leaps and bound surpassing the expectations of its clients and directors.

GK Architects operates on the principal of offering unique solutions to architectural challenges. We take responsibility for all project phases from initial consultation, design conceptualization, design formulation and construction documentation to design development. At all stages we involve our clients to ensure the end product meets their expectations. For the 15 years we have been in practice our architects have constantly pushed themselves to the limit in order to meet our clients’ expectations. Underlying this dedication is the belief that architecture is fundamental in our everyday lives. We endeavor to bring a fresh perspective to every project we undertake to create a unique edge in the industry.

Since 2008, GK Architects has grown consistently urged forward by a desire to provide only the best services. Our services are driven by a devotion to architecture as a solution to many urban planning problems that pervade modern society. The company has been involved in different projects both within and outside Singapore. Our experienced team has provided consultancy services for urban projects ranging from residential, commercial, public/institution developments, master planning, and landscaping design among others. Our clients and partners include governments, private entities and public organizations.


GK Architects is committed to providing unique and comprehensive architectural consultancy service to help clients achieve their dreams through our dedicated services.


To make the client the integral part of our consultancy team to help achieve an innovative design and workable implementation plan.